The Temperate Deciduous Forest

Physical Features

The biggest feature of this biome happens in the fall, when the leaves change colors.  This attracts many visitors to the Temperate Deciduous Forest to gaze apon the beautiful array of colors.  The leaves change there before they fall off.  They fall off  in autumn, which is why these trees are deciduous.  Deciduous trees will shed their leaves at the end of each growing season inorder for the tree to be able to live through the harsh winter ("Temperate..." par. 4).  The trees will grow their leaves back every spring.  Trees do this because they go through a dormant state throghout the winter and have no need for leaves.  The landscape is also a great place for camping, hiking, or any to do with the outdoors.  Those are some of the very few features that draw people to this biome.

Lake Superior and Superior National Forest on the Sawbill Trail near Tofte, MN

A landscape of trees changing colors

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Superior National Forest, MN




















 Leaves changing color before the period

of dormancy.